Kit Home Assembly

Kit home assembly

Fellow Owner builders! Before you embark on this epic journey of kit home assembly, you've got an essential first step: choosing the perfect plot of land to build on. Once you've got that sorted, we'll dive headfirst into the exhilarating world of construction! So, buckle up your tool belts, because we're in for a fun ride.

Find Your Dream Plot:

Every masterpiece needs a canvas, and for your kit home, it's all about that perfect piece of land. Explore the terrain, scout the neighborhood, and pick a spot that speaks to your builder's soul. Whether it's nestled among scenic hills or overlooking a tranquil lake, the right land will set the stage for your dream home. But do your due diligence before buying.

Pick Your Perfect Design:

Now that you've got your land locked in, it's time for the next step: picking the design that will turn heads and make you proud. There is a stunning array of kit home designs, each crafted to fit unique tastes and preferences. From classic charm to cutting-edge style, I've covered a few here. Perhaps a kit home budget would be useful!

Unbox & Organize Like a Pro:

When the day comes and your kit home materials arrives on-site, it's like unwrapping a treasure chest of building wonders. Take a moment to savor the anticipation, then dive into organising and positioning those materials, especially the pieces that need protection and cover. Trust me, this pro move will keep things running smoothly. Don't worry, materials will be sent to you at the time you require them. Make yourself a planning checklist here. and a project management plan as well.

Lay a Rock-Solid Foundation:

Alright, builders, this is where we lay the groundwork for a rock-solid future! Get those tools ready, level that land, and pour that concrete. A strong foundation means a sturdy home, and we're not cutting corners on this one! Land clearing, surveying, setting out your house, setting piers and concrete slab construction on this site.

Get Your Hands Dirty:

Now, it's time to show off those building chops! Assemble the kit home like a true master craftsman/owner builder. The assembly process might be a challenge, but fear not - these parts fit together like they were meant to be. The well set out frame erection plans will show the way. Team up with your crew, and let's build this beauty! Get your frame up off the ground: a task any handyperson can do. Tips on frame erection here and info on selecting tradesmen here.

Raise the Roof, Literally:

With the wall frames in place, it's time to top off your creation with a grand, roof-raising ceremony. Secure those pre-made trusses, get the iron sheets screwed down and watch your kit home transform into a shelter that'll weather any storm. Wood and steel roof building procedures here.

Your Personal Touch:

Now that the structure is standing tall, it's time to add your personal touch. From interior finishes to exterior flourishes, let your creativity flow. This is your chance to make your kit home truly unique and a reflection of your builder's spirit. From cladding types and blueboard applications, to gyprocking/plastering techniques, and hanging doors it's all part of the process.

Embrace the Pride of Ownership:

Owner builders, stand tall and proud! You can master the kit home assembly process, and now can own a custom-built masterpiece. Stepping into your new home is like stepping into victory itself. 

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