House Floor Plans for Kit Homes

Dozens of well drawn free house floor plans are available inside every kit home site on the web, as well as dedicated house plan sites, ready for you to download. You should already have an idea what you're looking for, so scroll to the size and shape which initially appeals to you, click on the house shape and description you want and take a good look.

Check my pages on kit inclusions and operational plans to get some background and specifications for kit home building. Remember, you are building this home yourself, so look to the simple house plans first. Three bedroom and en-suite is a great family favorite so start there and carefully check the dimensions. Go to my page on Small House Plans if you want to start reducing your footprint. There is also my steel home plan here.

Questions to ask...Will your furniture fit? The tip here is to measure the rooms you live in now, and ask yourself, is this big enough? A normal living area needs to be 5x5 metres (16x16 ft) at least, for a family to exist without sitting on top of each other. You might want to look at my Cabins page or perhaps my Yurt page will spark your imagination.

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This was the first of my home floor plans from Valley Kit Homes.

3 bedroom floor plan

The first thing to look at are the overall dimensions. Single story house floor plans around 14m x 7m or about 100 square metres (46 x 23 ft or 1000sq ft) are about average for a basic family kit home.

All bedrooms are clearly marked, and importantly for me, the master bedroom was at the opposite end of the house from the kids rooms. It also shows a walk through wardrobe and an en-suite that measures 2m x 2m.

Many kit home house floor plans like this one have no interior load-bearing walls. So there is almost infinite flexibility to alter the interior layout and move the rooms around from the original plan. The self supporting design comes from full span trusses which sit on the outside frames so you can arrange large areas of floor space to create open plan ideas.

Basic kit homeThis was my first kit home ready to paint

I found this to be one of many simple house plans available on the net for kit home builders, and they are free for you to download and study. The beauty of these house plans is that you can copy and paste them onto a document and create a your own library to study and compare. If you buy your plan from a plan site, you will get full architect spec plans ready to submit to your building authority. If you choose a kit home design, full plans come with the kit price.

Have a go at drawing your own plan...

Most kit home sites have a downloadable grid page (drawing graph) for you to try your hand: create floor plans, create your dream. Click here to print off a grid page 

Our modified Elanora design from Valley Kit Homes

To create your own free house plans, start with a general plan from a site, or start with nothing. You can add a metre here or take a metre from there to create unique home plans that a kit home draftsman can easily reproduce and cost. Each square grid represents a metre and in a lot of cases, 3.6 metre (12 ft) squares are the norm. That is: ..draw everything in 3.6 metre square multiples if you want a reasonable price, as this is the size of the kit home module. For a good look at my steel kit home plans go here...

In researching plans and ideas for my kit homes, I spent a lot of time on this excellent website: Australian Kithome Plans 

If you need plans to explore, study, and utilise in your owner building project, this site has HUNDREDS of complete building plans to download, including dozens of Kit Home plans, Granny Flats, and bathroom, kitchen and even office plans. These plans include builders working drawings, full construction, electrical and bracing plans.  These are the plans that builders use, and you can access them. Go and have a look now.... 

Below are some examples from the site. Click the graphic to explore the site more.

Questions, answers or experiences....

How did you choose your kit home plan? Were the kit home suppliers helpful, or did you source yours from a plan book? Share your experience here.

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